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Our Team

Melissa Kreis

Founder/East Coast Sales

Melissa sets the strategy and direction including Tomboy's culture, vision and resources.  Holding degrees in Forestry & Chemistry, she is also the product formulator which means she works long hours and sometimes wee hours.

Jessica Fain Fritts

Social Media/West Coast Sales

Jessica once set a Guinness World Record for "longest time spent living in an underwater fixed habitat".  Our true-life Watergirl is a Biologist responsible for Social Media strategy and West Coast sales.

Carolyn Campbell

Chief Financial Officer

Carolyn has been crunching numbers since before it was cool.  With vast experience & a degree in accounting, she directs cash management and day to day financial operations.  You occasionally see her working a festival or holding grandbabies. 

Krisstina Rose


Krisstina is a state of Tennessee certified Esthetician, specializing in facials, extractions, dermabrasion, waxing and facial massage.  She stokes a perpetual desire for learning about skin at every level.  An important part of Tomboy as the first employee, she brings us closer to  our mission of becoming a B-Corp by creating jobs in our rural hometown.  Krisstina is an avid reader and loves to hang out in bookstores! 

Somer Stephens

Consulting Chemist

Somer has a Bacherlor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga.  She currently works as a General Engineer for the U.S. Department of Energy supporting the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management.  She is also a soldier in the Army National Guard.  In her spare time, she likes to lift weights and hang out with her dog.

Vincent Antunez

Medical Advisor

MAJ (Ret.) Vincent M. Antunez, DSc, PA-C, is an Army Orthopaedic Physician Assistant with 31 active and reserve years under his belt including 6.5 years on Tours of Duty in Afghanistan & Iraq.  He is the founder of Trail Toes Foot Cream, born in battle in Afghanistan.  For fun, he is an ultra marathon runner.

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