Our Team

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Melissa Kreis

Melissa sets the strategy, direction and vision for Tomboy's skincare culture.  Holding degrees in Forestry & Chemistry, she is the founder/formulator which means she works long hours and sometimes wee hours.  

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Somer Stephens
Consulting Chemist

Somer has been a Cosmetic Chemist Ingredient Reviewer since she was seven!  She only approves necessary ingredients and they must be anhydrous & Forest-Born.  By day, she is a Chemical Engineer for the U.S. Department of Energy supporting the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management. 

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Halle Duncan

Halle is working toward her Esthetician licensure.  She has a knack for beauty and wellness that we all consider a luxurious indulgence!  Lashes are her newest endeavor. 

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Carolyn Campbell
 Financial Consultant

Carolyn has been crunching numbers since before it was cool.  With vast experience and a degree in accounting, she offers us guidance and expertise in running the numbers.  She is invaluable to us and is one of the reasons Tomboy made it through the lean years.


Vincent Antunez

Medical Advisor

MAJ (Ret.) Vincent M. Antunez, DSc, PA-C, is an Army Orthopaedic Physician Assistant with 31 active and reserve years under his belt including 6.5 years on Tours of Duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He answers a multitude of questions and advises to the subcutaneous layer!  

Cheyenne Possman collage.jpg

Cheyenne Possman

Cheyenne is the new girl in town.  She hails from Cumberland County where she works her magic in the hair industry.  But her side gig will be vlogging for Tomboy!