Our Team

Melissa Kreis


East Coast Sales

Melissa sets the strategy and direction including Tomboy's culture, vision and resources.  Holding degrees in Forestry & Chemistry, she is the founder/formulator which means she works long hours and sometimes wee hours.

Carolyn Campbell

Chief Financial Officer

Carolyn has been crunching numbers since before it was cool.  With vast experience & a degree in accounting, she directs cash management and day to day financial operations.  She has also been known to make a label or two.  

Somer Stephens

Consulting Chemist

Somer makes the call regarding our ingredients and their impact on people and the environment.  She is a Chemical Engineer for the U.S. Department of Energy supporting the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management.  

Halle Duncan

Graphic Artist

Halle has been our artist since she was a child.  The artwork on the labels was created by her with an old version of Paint, when she was still in single digits!  Her latest love is Lashes!  Incredibly beautiful & talented, she is our homegrown model, business mind and soon to be aesthetician!

Vincent Antunez

Medical Advisor

MAJ (Ret.) Vincent M. Antunez, DSc, PA-C, is an Army Orthopaedic Physician Assistant with 31 active and reserve years under his belt including 6.5 years on Tours of Duty in Afghanistan & Iraq.  He provides his expertise & guidance.  The founder of Trail Toes Foot Cream, Vincent is an ultra marathon runner in his spare time!