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The Bright Side Lip Slick

The Bright Side Lip Slick

SKU: 685248998601

The Bright Side, it's fun being on this side of life!!!!!!!


For all of us who KISS the Sun on the regular, this little slick is rich in fatty acids from Rose Hips to keep lips hydrated and prevent the dry out, no matter what we do to them!  


Antioxidant-rich, the Bright Side also has a high Vitamin C content to protect skin, stimulate collagen and BRIGHTEN lips from the massive sun damage we expose them to.


Get a gentle exfoliation for smoother lips thanks to our Vitamin A infusion and a nice dose of cell regeneration.  


If all that is not enough for you, our raw shea butter is a natural humectant drawing water from the air to your lips with the capacity to heal sunburned and cracked lips!  Ahhhh....



Geranium & Vanilla


Lip Feel

Slick-Slippery & Creamy


Wildly Effective For

  • Hydrating & brightening lips
  • Healing sunburned lips
  • Being vegan & unsweetened


0.15 oz


Key Ingredients:  Organic Golden jojoba, Rose Hips, Shea Butter, Vitamins A<C<E, Sunshine sparkle mica, geranium & vanilla eo.


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