Ian Mangini

Ian has great skin, but struggles with folliculitis especially in his scalp.  He tends to be in the normal to oily range.  He uses a one-two punch in Clear Creek Cleanser and Optimist Oil that clears his pores and his skin.  We call him Ian the Punisher, because he beat 3 men at ONCE in hand-to-hand combat, wears an Expert Marksman medal, earned a Wartime stripe and carried the Guide On Flag for his platoon during commencement from Army Basic Training. He makes a positive difference in life everywhere he goes!

Morgan & Kaleb

“For the last few months, I have been using Muscle Fever to combat knee and shoulder pain. This balm works wonders to soothe aches.” -Kaleb

“I have always struggled with rosacea and skin sensitivity. Since I began incorporating Tomboy’s Sloppy Kiss Facial Moisturizer and Clear Creek Cleanser into my daily routine, I’ve been loving the results! These products have tremendously helped to soothe and protect my skin.”



You will never guess Carolyn's age......never...we mean in a million years. She is very active; walking 6 or 7 miles a day, building, planting, carrying rock, riding her atv, camping, whatever!  The definition of vivaious.  Oh yeah, she also survived breast cancer, twice!  She has dry skin and uses Clear Creek Cleanser and Sloppy Kiss for face.  Jungle Jane is her go-to body hydrator.  War Woman for scuffs and wounds and Muscle Fever to relieve the pain of closing in on 80!!!  Told you.    


Tomboy Tribe Rituals


Pretty much makeup-less since leaving Army Basic Training, Somer has an oily t-zone, dry patches & occasional breakouts.  She uses Clear Creek in the shower, Optimist Oil daily, religiously and Sloppy Kiss for hydration.  She feels like less makeup really makes a difference in the quality of her skin.   

Jen & Stevie Grace

Jen has combination skin that only requires Clear Creek Cleanser and occasional masking with Young & Unruly Glow Mask.  In Winter she moisturizes with Optimist Oil and in summer, Sloppy Kiss Moisturizer.  

Stevie Grace uses Nature Girl Facial Scrub to cleanse her young skin.  Ah youth!!!


Hal has beautiful combination skin unless she eats poorly and then she breaks out like crazy!  So she is a fan of Clear Creek to clear her up, Watergirl Toner to remove all the massive makeup residue she uses and Young & Unruly Glow Mask to detox her beautiful skin.  

 Khari Fletcher

Khari is a long-time Clinique user but has realized the healthy benefits of anhydrous Clear Creek Cleanser and Sloppy Kiss.  She will tell you that she has a glow that was not there before!  We love her glow which starts inside and moves outward!!!  

Dawn Lisenby

We have met some incredible women since starting this business and Dawn Lisenby tops the list.  By now, you have probably all seen Dawn on our page running ultramarathons, training clients, surfing with her boys or practicing yoga.  An ultrarunner from north Florida, she is a running coach and race director! Her favorite products; Clear Creek Cleanser, Sloppy Kiss Moisturizer and Muscle Fever which she applies to her knees after a good, hard run!