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Raising the Bar in Organic Skincare

​Tomboy's mission is to create nutrient dense, forest-based products that help you achieve naturally beautiful skin. 

As a Wildlife Biologist with degrees in Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Forestry and Environmental Science, I never intended to pursue a skincare company.  Instead, the skincare company came for me!

I call it Serendipitous Science that led us to develop a surprisingly effective plant-based poison ivy remedy and a business was born.  That was sometime around 2004.


We wanted to experience that same effect for our skin but realized that most products on the market were basically rearrangements of water with a nasty toxic chemical preservation system including organic skincare!!!  So we created our own brand.


Raising the Bar:

1. We do not formulate with water because it cannot be preserved naturally.

2. All products have an acidic pH to support skin's immune system, keep microbiota bacteria in check and prevent inflammation triggers like acne, eczema and rosacea.

3. We sustainably source wild ingredients that your skin craves allowing you to achieve a naturally radiant Tomboy glow!

We are a small, grass-roots company that began in rural Appalachia and are still growing in our small community in East Tennessee.  We have our feet well rooted in the healing traditions of the botanical world with a strong connection to the Earth.

Tomboy is my big adventure. It is what I was born to do.  

Expect Results,

Founder, Melissa Kreis-Stephens

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