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Letter from Melissa 

I was a displaced Wildlife Biologist who moved back to my hometown to care for my ailing Mother. There were zero biologist appointments in the area, so I took a position teaching high school Chemistry & Environmental studies . I loved it! During my Outside the Box approach to teaching, we created an herbal remedy for Poison Ivy that was extremely effective. And a business was born.

Shoutout to York Institute.  Go Dragons!!!


Tomboy's mission is to create nutrient dense, forest-based products that mimic skin’s natural factors and nourish the microbiome without water and its dangerous chemical load.

I am a risk-taker!  I love to paddle whitewater, swim and explore.  I taught my children and my students to think for themselves, be open-minded, not bound by convention and know that some things in life are meant for them and some things are not. Tomboy is meant for us!

We have our feet well rooted in the healing traditions of the botanical world and it extends beyond Tomboy to our family and community.  In June of this year, 2023, we broke ground on the county's first skincare manufacturing facility and spa!!! Whoo hoo!!!  Estimated time until completion, late December 2023.

While we are building, Tomboy is hosting workshops and modalities that heal the spirit in order to heal the body.  Massage on Main invites massage therapists to town and offers locals a treat that does not involve a 2-hour drive!  

Tomboy has sustained me all through the years financially, academically, botanically, mentally, socially. Tomboy is my big adventure. It is what I was born to do.  

Expect Results,


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