Tomboy Spotlight
Crystal Leigh

City: Nashville

Profession: Musician

How did you choose that?  Music has always played an important role in my life, it just felt natural to continue to pursue it in a wide variety of facets and see where it took me!

Favorite Sports: I’m honestly athletically challenged, so sports were never my thing, but my husband is a soccer player and avid fan, and my first crush was a soccer player, so I guess I’ll go with soccer (hah).

Best Adventure: After I graduated highschool me and two of my girlfriends packed up my little Ford Escape and travelled the country with no agenda and no plans for two whole months. It was the most free I have ever felt in my entire life, and a summer I will never forget.

Favorite Foods: Mexcian. Food. All. Day. Every. Day.

Age: 29

Favorite Music: I really do love some many different genres and artists that it is very difficult to pick. But I am a huge fan of the 70s and 80 singer-songwriters like James Taylor as well as neo-traditional country artists like George Strait. I am all about the lyrics and the story over anything else!

Book: I love autobiographies and biographies, and the last one I read on Johnny Cash was comforting, heartbreaking and inspirational all in one. Very good read, would highly recommend it!

Little Known Fact: I had a flip phone all through college and didn’t get text messaging abilities until my sophomore year of college!

Most Proud Accomplishment:
Officially becoming a signed artist with AGD Entertainment.

Giving Back:

I’d like to think that sharing my heart and thoughts through music is something that makes the world a little bit better. I believe that positive change and difference making happens in the small actions you take in the place you find yourself. I am a strong believer in rescuing pets rather than shopping, as well as donating hair, and treating those around you how you’d like to be treated. It’s more powerful than I think people give it credit for!

Biggest Skin Issue:  I struggled with terrible hormonal acne as early as 10 years old, and was on Acutane 3 TIMES (yes, unheard of) growing up. While I don’t struggle with that anymore (thank the Lord) I have some scarring and my skin can be very sensitive especially to the foods I eat. My biggest struggle has always been
finding something that didn’t seem to irritate my skin or cause other problems after fixing some. I wanted something simple, affordable, effective and CLEAN.


Favorite Tomboy products:
The Sloppy Kiss Moisturizer smells SO GOOD and I love it! The toner really does make my poor scarred pores look smaller and less noticeable. Am looking forward to trying more products out and adding to my skin care ritual!

AGD Entertainment signed Leigh to a three-year record deal this year.  "Normal Girls" was released in late May.  She will be playing coffee shops, bars & small venues where she can share her sound.  Trading Skylines, her label debut record, is set to release in October.


Check out Leigh's music and follow her on her journey.

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