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Tomboy Spotlight

Hometown Honies

Melinda “Blake" Barnes


Hometown:  Oneida, TN


Career/Profession:  Registered Dental Hygienist /TN National Guard 11 years 


How did you choose that:

I love working with my hands and feeling like I’m doing something that benefits everyone. I also love connecting with people and listening to their perspectives. And I did spend one year in college taking random classes because I wasn't sure. 😅


Tell us how you chose the Guard:

I wanted to join the Army but also wanted to go to college. So I chose the Guard and have a love-hate relationship with it. It has opened up many doors for me and taught me so much. I encourage most young people to give it a try, it can be a confidence booster!


Favorite Sports:

I never played, but my daughter Ariel does dance and gymnastics. I love watching her shake, twist, and twirl!


Best Adventure:

LIFE! I have traveled to 4 different countries and out west with my family! But I still feel like my best adventures are in the making!


Favorite Foods:

I love homemade vegetable soup! 😋 Especially if my grandpa makes it!

And cake!


Age (If you want too share):

I’m halfway to 60!


Favorite Music:

If it makes me feel good and lifts my spirits, I like it! But mostly country, pop, and rock! I also love my gospel.


Coolest Book you have read lately:

I love fantasy and fiction. I’m a proud 🤓 nerd! I am currently reading Married to the Devil’s Son by Jasmine Joseph.


Little Known Fact About You:

I use to be very quite and shy. Now I never shut up. I had very low self esteem and 0 confidence. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and found faith in my abilities.


Most Proud Accomplishment:

Being a mother of 3! (And when the last one is potty trained, I’m going to take myself on a cruise!)


How you give back or pay it forward:

I love charity 5ks, I’m not fast by any means, but they are so fun! I also enjoy working RAM clinics when my schedule allows it.


Favorite Tomboy products:

I'm loving my Sloppy Kiss moisturizer. It is light weight, feels amazing and wonderfully aroma therapeutic!

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