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Tomboy Spotlight
Emily Hill

Professional Firefighter & EMT-B

From: Fairfax, Virginia
Profession: Firefighter & EMT-B
How did you choose that? I have always been passionate about helping others and being active. I started volunteering at the firehouse in high school, and after college decided to make my dream job full time!

Favorite sports: rugby, jiu jitsu, bodybuilding
Best adventure: hiking in the Pacific Northwest! I want to go back!!

Favorite foods: absolutely obsessed with Trader Joe’s almond butter. Love peanut butter and all kinds of nut butters!!

Age: 29
Favorite music: rock and heavy metal!
Coolest book I have read: meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Little known fact about me: I was homeschooled growing up!

Most proud Accomplishment: graduating from Virginia military institute
How I give back: I love that my day job lets me feel like a super hero at times! I get to help people on their worst days and I’m so honored to be able to be that person. It makes the work worthwhile knowing I can make a difference!

Biggest skin issue: being a firefighter means irregular sleep and that can cause me to breakout from time to time. Keeping my acne under control has been an ongoing struggle!
Favorite tomboy products: clear creek cleanser is amazing, I put it on before jumping in the shower and massage it in for about 90 seconds, then rinse! :)

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