Lip Slicks

Lip Slicks

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Tomboys love slicks; mud slicks, slick roads, slip-n-slides, fast rapids and slick lips!!!


BROWN~Oh yes, back to my story.  Camel Rock Cocoa……we infuse “Sunset on the Obed” brown mica into our slickety-slick, velvety grapeseed oil and cocoa butter. Camel Rock leaves a sheer veil of  natural brown tint on your lips and a chocolately scent.  And its slick! 0.16 oz


Vegan, unsweetened, preservative-free, pH~7


Key ingredients: Organic Grapeseed, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin e, Mica, Forest Oil Blend.


Geographical Reference: Camel Rock is a rapid on Clear Creek, below Lilly Bridge, Obed.


CLEAR~Everyone loves D. Scalawag, even our guys!  It is a high class version of the old chap-stick, only slicker! Formulated nonvegan with hempseed, spearmint and beeswax, it goes on smoothe and light in clear matte.  No gloss, but still slick!


Key ingredients: Organic Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin e and a Forest Oil Blend.


Geographical Reference: Rasputin D. Scalawag is a 5.13 b/c negative-slope roof climb on Rasptuin Ledge, North Clear, Obed in Tennessee.


PINK~Bring out your natural pink lips with Race Day Pink Peppermint.  Nice and slick with a splish of coloand a little peppermint to open your sinuses!  Here’s to a strong race and a fast finish!  Wear it to dinner. Go crazy!


Key ingredients: Organic Grapeseed, Vitamin E, Mica, Forest Oil Blend.

Lip Slick
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