Tomboy Spotlight

Shannon O'Hatnick

Nickname:  Trainer Shannon

Age:  21

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Career: Professional Equestrian and International Equine Groom


How did you choose that?  I’ve always been a HUGE animal lover and horses stole my heart from the beginning. I started riding at the age of 6 and haven’t stopped. Every chance I got to take a better offer to further my experience and education in the equine industry, I’ve jumped at the opportunity!

Coolest Read:  Divergent

Best Adventure:

A 3-day, horseback, camping trip in the mountains of Wyoming.

Favorite Music:

Electronic Dance Music, but add a little Funk to it and you’ll really get me dancing, especially at a concert!

Most  Proud Accomplishment:  

Seeing the joy on students’ faces when they have a “light bulb” moment, or getting a “really great feeling” from a young horse when they learn something new I’m teaching them!

Sports:  Horseback riding has to take the cake, but I LOVE any water sports! 

Favorite Foods:  I’m a huge “foodie” so I love any good food, but Snow Crab, Steak, and Avocados have a special place in my heart.

Little Known Fact About You:  I love all things herbal and am teaching myself about homeopathic treatments, fresh recipes I make from my garden (Including making my boyfriend, who’s a bartender, make drinks with my herbs.), and holistic equine nutrition.

How you give back:

Everything I do, and want to do, is to give back. I push myself as an athlete to help my horses reach their full potential, I learn new things to share with my students, I rescue animals to give them a forever and loving home, the farm I’m building is to offer a “top-notch” facility to boarders once it’s completed, and I tried to be kind and understanding to all human and non human things.


It truly is the little things that can make this world better as a whole if we can ALL do one little thing at a time. It truly is a strange time we live in right now and I think all we can do is try to be patient, compassionate, and understanding.









What Shannon has to say about Tomboy:  




I have nothing but great things to say about the products I’ve tried so far! My dad introduced me to your products after being in contact when he bought a place up in Deer Lodge.


I’m always outside, being a horse trainer and riding instructor, so I’ve dealt with bugs and skin problems galore! I’ve yet to find a human bug repellent that keeps ticks off of myself other than the Bella Bug Balm, and so much so- I use it on my dogs!


My horses and myself always manage to get scrapes as well so we have LOVED your War Woman Salve. It’s also been such a dry year, they’ve needed some around their coronary bands and heels to help with some skin cracking and irritation.


Whenever my skin gets a bit dry and toasted on these hot days, I can’t get enough of your Jungle Jane. 


Your lip slicks are also a personal favorite!


I struggle with acne since I get so sweaty, stressed, and dirty all the time, so I’ve loved your mask and am looking forward to trying more of your skincare!


The Muscle Salve is also next on the list since I suffer from so many past injuries, that I’m constantly pushing myself to keeping my body as fit as I can be to help my horses improve in their performance!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful products with the world!

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