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Nature Girl Facial Scrub

Nature Girl Facial Scrub

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2.5 Ounces

Pictured:  Halle, the baby and our Nature Girl.   Tasha, my colleague, who is now an emergency room physician, with her incredible results on what once was a very bad case of cystic acne!


Key Ingredients: Organic White Willow Bark infused in Organic Coconut Oil, Jojoba Beads, Organic Rooibos, Winterbloom, Rosemary Leaf and Vitamin E.


Eco-friendly spherical jojoba beads exfoliate the deep pores without tearing pores or stripping skin as nut scrubs can do. The phenolic acids in Willow Bark stimulate the production of new cells and promote the rejuvenation of skin. Encouraging cell turnover in this way reduces pore size and makes age marks less noticeable. Made to be used with limited water/facilities.



Fruity vanilla


Skin Feel

Clean, hydrated, decongested


Wildly Effective For

Unclogging pores

Cystic acne

Reducing pore size



pH 5



Apply to wet skin with fingertips. Exfoliate face and neck with a feather light touch. If you are too aggressive you can tear the pores, damaging the connective tissue which will result in saggy skin. Use a wash cloth or gentle facial brush if you prefer. Rinse with warm water. AVOID EYES