Optimist Facial Oil

Optimist Facial Oil

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 All ages & all skin types love our forest-born, wild-harvested elixir.  Expect results as our Optimist Facial Oil mimics your skin's own sebum with just the right amount of moisture and nourishes your skin's microbiome.   This natural retinol source promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and strengthens blood vessels weakened by your outdoor adventures!  


The skin microbiome has its own ecosystem of bugs, bacteria and fungi that work with each other and your body to keep skin healthy. Similar species are found in the gut.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle can be damaging to microbiomes via foods that disrupt gut flora, overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products. 


Cool Science:  Rosacea is thought to be caused by mites found in the skin's microbiome.  Certain skin changes stimulate the mites to multiply.  As the mites die off, bacteria in the mites are released into the skin causing an immune system response that leads to rosacea. 


The research says we need natural exposure to a variety of soil based organisms (SBO's).  That's right, you need to be getting dirty because dirt houses natural strains of probiotics needed by your body.  How cool is that?  Your adventures will make you more healthy by interacting with dirt (camping, hiking, planting a garden)!  Sweating often is also necessary for healthy skin as it serves as a prebiotic inducing the growth of beneficial microorganisms for your skin and gut.  


Last word~~~If you struggle from skin issues:

1. Ditch harsh waterbased/antibacterial products.

2. Interact with dirt!

3. Pick up a sport and sweat often.

4. Try drying clothes on the line and reduce bacteria naturally.

5.  Avoid irriadiated foods as well as gluten, dairy, sugar.






1 oz (30mL) glass bottle with glass dropper 


Directions for use: This oil can be used morning or night. For best results, use after a shower or bath, while skin is still moist and warm. Gently massage into facial tissue or any place that needs nutrition.  AVOID getting into EYES! 


NOTE:  Also, don't freak out if you have a breakout at the onset of using Optimist Oil.  We call it the storm before the calm, as the old chemical load and impurities leach out of your skin.  It is ok.  Your skin will become more clear than you have ever seen it.  Relax.


Ingredients:  Protected by Trade Secret.

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