Sloppy Kiss Moisturizer

Sloppy Kiss Moisturizer

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Sloppy Kiss smooches a light and creamy, yet intensely hydrating kiss of moisture on your dehydrated dermis.  Infused with green tea that will not only quench dry skin, but also boost the protective nature of your skin's acid mantle from elements that can change the pH such as river water, wind and pollutants.


The truth is, the chemistry has to be right!  Not everyone can be a good kisser!  pH is an important factor when choosing lotions and potions.  The healthy skin microbiome prefers an acidic environment, around pH 5.0, which inhibits the growth of pathogens.  Products that range into pH 8 and above are more alkaline and disrupt the balance of the acid mantle.  Sloppy Kiss has a pH of 4.5 which means it will be compatible with your skin.  Mmmmmwwww!


Science now tells us that the microbiome and skin immune system “talk” to each other and balance out antimicrobial and inflammatory response.  The microbiome also aids in wound healing, limits exposure to allergens and UV radiation, minimizes oxidative damage and keeps the skin plump and moist, but only if you use products that maintain the integrity of the acid mantle.  


Sloppy Kiss absorbs quickly helping to relieve the parch.  Your skin will drink it up without leaving any greasy residue. 


pH 4.5


Directions for use: Apply gently with clean fingertips to facial tissue and neck. Light enough to use under makeup.  AVOID getting into EYES!


Ingredients: Our proprietary blend of forest herbs infused in Olive Oil, Natural Emulsifiers of Palm Oil, Organic Green Tea Leaf, Stearic Acid, Xanthan Gum and an essential oil blend including lavender and patchouli.

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