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War Woman Skin Salve

War Woman Skin Salve

SKU: 685248998427
2 Ounces

With Organic Grapeseed steeped in Homegrown Calendula, Forest Phytonutrients, Wetland Herbs and Titanium Dioxide.


Our award winning multi-tasking skin salve is revered for its deep hydration and nutritive properties.  The ingredients work with your body to provide resolution where it is needed most.



Deep, wild earthy with nutty notes


Wildly Effective For

  • Troubled skin
  • Stretched skin
  • Extremely dry skin
  • Damaged skin
  • Warts
  • Wrinkles
  • Rough feet



Swipe clean fingers through balm and apply to affected area. For best results, use after your shower or bath while skin is still warm and moist. Massage into skin well, really well.




Geographical Reference

War Woman Rapid, Chattooga River.  


Nancy Morgan Hart, the real War Woman, was a rebel heroine of the American Revolutionary War.  A roughshod frontiers woman with an excellent shot, Nancy was a sought-after midwife, herbalist and a skilled hunter.  She had to be as she raised 6 sons & 2 daughters and much of that time her man was away at war.


All accounts of Nancy describe her as tall, well over 6 feet, with red hair and smallpox scars on her face.  

She had a hotheaded temper, a fearless spirit and was known to exact vengeance upon those who offended her.  Sound like anyone you know???


The legend in Georgia is that Nancy killed two British Tories while they were trying to occupy her farm and hung them on a tree out back.  But you know how legends go. 


Then 130+ years later, the Elberton and Eastern Railroad came grading a railroad site less than a mile from her cabin.  And there, buried neatly in a row, were not two but SIX British soldiers' skeletons.  They were determined to have been hanged and were buried for at least 100 years.  


The Cherokee in the area referred to Nancy as "Wahatche" which translates to "War Woman."

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