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Watergirl Toner

Watergirl Toner

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4 Ounces

Pictured our customer & bucket list checker-offer, Andrea Price snorkeling.  And me, the watergirl.


With Winterbloom, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Lime, Wood Rose and non-GMO Vitamin E.


Use weekly to rinse sweat, makeup residue and salts from your delicate facial tissue and pores.  Cooling active botanicals increase nutrient absorption and the efficacy of oils and moisturizers.   The ingredient synergy works to give you healthier skin texture and protect skin against sun damage, the major contributor to large pores, wrinkles, spots and leathery skin. 



Tart and airy with grounded earthy floral undertones


Skin Feel

Clean, fresh, cool


Wildly Effective For

  • Rinsing away impurities
  • Closing pores
  • Preparing skin for hydration
  • Improving skin barrier function
  • Protecting against pollution/irritants
  • Improving skin’s resiliency
  • Restoring acid mantle pH


pH ~5



Pour onto cotton ball or makeup remover pad and gently drag over pores and facial tissue from forehead to decollete. Toss the cotton once it is begrimed.  Avoid eyes.