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  • What is the shelf life of the products?
    The shelf life of our products is one year. Although they typically last much longer, we prefer that you use them up within the year. We use ingredients that are naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial, do not formulate with water, package in small size containers, leave little head space and preserve with non-gmo vitamin e.
  • Explain "anhydrous" in regard to skin care."
    Tomboys products do not contain water because water cannot be preserved with natural preservatives like vitamin e. Even though the USDA allows water in organic cosmetics, we could not preserve the product naturally if it contained water. Our products are NOT rearrangements of water as so many skincare products on the market are just that. Also, we do not believe in dilution as is the case when water is added to product formulations.
  • I have nut allergies, including peanuts, are your products safe for me?"
    We do not use peanut oil in our formulations, but you should consult your physician just to be safe. Everyone's body chemistry is different and if you have nut allergies, there is always the possiblity of a reaction to botanical ingredients.
  • I have oily skin.  Will oils make my face more oily?
    There is the possibility that your skin is not oily, but dehydrated. If you use aggressive cleansers to strip the oil from your face, your skin will become dehydrated partly because you are disrupting the pH and your skin's acid mantle. And here is the complicated part, in response to losing water, your skin will produce more oil. If your skin is oily and you have large pores and breakouts, you may really have oily skin. Herb-infused oils, like ours, will make your skin healthier because it infuses nutrition into your skin. All skin types benefit from face oils as they nourish skin cells, replenish moisture and create a protective barrier even if you actually have oily skin!
  • Do your products contain a spf or sunscreen?
    Our products contain natural sunscreen properties, but we feel they are not strong enough to use as a sunscreen alone. We recommend a physical barrier, like a hat or long sleeves along with a sunscreen of at least 30 spf. Reapply your sunscreen often.
  • Are Tomboy products safe for pregnant or nursing women?
    We use essential oils in our products and some of those are contraindicated for pregnant or nursing mothers. Consult us at to learn more about the product you are interested in using BEFORE you use it. And always consult your physician if you have questions.
  • I am allergic to Lavender.  Can you tell me which products contain Lavender?
    Yes, the following products contain Lavender essential oil: Clear Creek Cleanser Flower Power Eye Creme Minimalist Facial Oil Optimist Facial Oil Lilly Lotion Sloppy Kiss Moisturizer Jewel Skin Salve Somer Sun Salve War Woman
  • Do any Tomboy products contain Kiwi or Mango?
    No, we do NOT use Kiwi or Mango fragrance oils in our products. We prefer indigenous herbs and essential oils only. We do NOT use fragrance oils in our products mainly because they are synthetic and impart unnatural scents.
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