Bella Bug Balm

Bella Bug Balm

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"Bella Bug Balm is the best! I put it on the kids’ feet and the ticks don’t bother them!! I had a sweat bee afflicting me and swiped a bit everywhere he landed and he’s not come back!" ❤️ Jessica Freytag


Prevents hostile takeovers by biting insects.


Bella is organic with a chemical load of 0. Contains no DEET or synthetic chemicals.


Each ecosystem has its own variety of biting insects. As you know, covering your body with long sleeves and pants will help. Bella will deter biting and flying insects naturally. If you walk through water or wetlands, reapply this balm. Should last 3-4 hours otherwise.


2 ounces


Directions for use: Body balms soften with the heat of your body.  Swipe clean fingers through salve, rub hands together and apply before, during and/or after entering insect territory.


For best results, reapply as needed to arms, legs, belly, back, face, feet, and lightly to hair. Avoid eyes. Safe for children and pets. Chemical-free.



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