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Camel Rock Lip Slick

Camel Rock Lip Slick

SKU: 685248998571

Pictured:  Somer's pouty lips!


With Organic Grapeseed, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Candelilla, non-GMO Vitamin E.


Camel Rock Lip Slick is steeped in Cocoa Butter and an exquisite copper mica that is deep and warm with a metallic complexion that glistens with dulcet tones of russet and gold.

Tomboys love slicks; mud slicks, slick roads, slip-n-slides, fast rapids and slick lips!!!



Organic Cocoa


Lip Feel

Slick & Moist


Wildly Effective For

  • Moistening lips
  • Sheer brown tint
  • Being vegan & unsweetened


0.15 oz


Geographical Reference: Camel Rock is a rapid just below Lilly Bridge on Clear Creek, Obed.

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