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Young & Unruly Glow Mask

Young & Unruly Glow Mask

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2 Ounces

Pictured:  Me and Hal.  I always use YUGM before I have to appear somewhere.  I have always worn limited makeup and the mask gives me a clean so good that my wrinkles seem less noticeable!!!  Hal thinks she has eleven's...please... at 23?!!!


With Sun-Dried Morrocan Clay, Wild-Harvested American Ginseng, Organic Shiitake, Blessed Thistle and Sandalwood.


A weekly or bi-weekly powder mask or exfoliator that removes dead skin, excess sebum and plumps skin cells for a youthful, radiant glow. Dating back 1400 years, this powerful toxin-free mud has a higher absorption rate than other clays, making it ideal for detox and cleansing. Kojic acid, a natural hydroquinone, is quickly absorbed into the skin where it repairs sun damage.



Deep earthy rich exotic


Skin Feel

Fresh, detoxed, firm


Wildly Effective For

Detox and cleansing

Improving skin firmness

Inhibiting hyperpigmentation

Lightening undereye circles


Refining skin clarity


Softening skin

Time fighting



pH 7



Exfoliator-Apply Minimalist or Optimist Facial Oil to face and neck. Dip clean, oily fingertips into powder mask. Gently exfoliate forehead, t-zone, chin, cheeks and neck. Rinse with Clear Creek Cleanser and warm water. Pat dry.


Mask-Mix 1/2 teaspoon mask with a few drops of water or Watergirl Toner to form a liquid paste. DO NOT USE a metal spoon as it can absorb the minerals in the clay. Apply to face and relax for 10-15 minutes. Let dry completely to allow the herbal constituents time to get through your skin. Hooray, for transdermal delivery. Rinse with with warm water on a wash cloth or while in the shower (way easier)!!!


NOTE: The thicker you apply the paste, the tighter the mask will dry. It can dry very TIGHT.


Geographic Reference: Young & Unruly is a V8 bouldering route on Piano Boulder, Obed.