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Young & Unruly Glow Mask

Young & Unruly Glow Mask

SKU: 685248998441
2 Ounces

With Sun-Dried Morrocan Clay, Wild-Harvested American Ginseng, Organic Shiitake, Blessed Thistle and Sandalwood. 


A weekly or bi-weekly powder mask or exfoliator that removes dead skin, excess sebum and plumps skin cells for a youthful, radiant glow.  Dating back 1400 years, this powerful toxin-free mud has a higher absorption rate than other clays, making it ideal for detox and cleansing.  Kojic acid, a natural hydroquinone, is quickly absorbed into the skin where it repairs sun damage.  



Deep earthy rich exotic


Skin Feel  

Fresh, detoxed, firm


Wildly Effective For

  • Detox and cleansing
  • Improving skin firmness
  • Inhibiting hyperpigmentation
  • Lightening undereye circles

  • Refining skin clarity

  • Softening skin
  • Time fighting


pH 7



Exfoliator-Apply Minimalist or Optimist Facial Oil to face and neck.  Dip clean, oily fingertips into powder mask.  Gently exfoliate forehead, t-zone, chin, cheeks and neck.  Rinse with Clear Creek Cleanser and warm water.  Pat dry.


Mask-Mix 1/2 teaspoon mask with a few drops of water or Watergirl Toner to form a liquid paste. DO NOT USE a metal spoon as it can absorb the minerals in the clay. Apply to face and relax for 10-15 minutes. Let dry completely to allow the herbal constituents time to get through your skin. Hooray, for transdermal delivery. Rinse with with warm water on a wash cloth or while in the shower (way easier)!!!


NOTE:  The thicker you apply the paste, the tighter the mask will dry.  It can dry very TIGHT.  


Geographic Reference:  Young & Unruly is a V8 bouldering route on Piano Boulder, Obed. 

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