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Our Forest
Our Forest

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Tomboy Formulary road
Tomboy Formulary road

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Welcome to our Forest Formulary where we create Anhydrous, plant-based Skincare.

sourcing wild-harvested ingredients that mimic skin's natural factors

withOUT water & it's associated chemical load

in 50% less plastic packaging

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to partner up with a *local* *woman-owned* *small business* that not only is safe and good for your body, but safe and good for our planet too!"


"Every night I use their cleanser and facial oil, and once or twice a week their toner. My skin just eats it up, and I’m loving the results. Check them out - you won’t be disappointed." 

Crystal Leigh-Nashville

Clear Creek Cleanser, Optimist Oil, Watergirl Toner

 “Melissa and her team are clearly committed to making a difference for a whole nation of tomboys. We salute this innovative brand, and their stellar management and team."   

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Top Skin Care  Products of 2012

LuxLife Magazine Best Organic Skincare C

Best Organic Skincare Company-Tennessee-USA

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Made in Tennessee Manufacturer 2020

Hiking Path in Forest

Forest Formulary

In 2001, my young girls and I started researching HERBS, ROOTS & WILD INGREDIENTS that we could sustainably source from our forest.

We wanted to create
PHYTONUTRIENT cleansers, scrubs and salves that would really make a difference in the health of our skin WITHOUT the chemical load found in almost every product on the market.

We formulate based on pH and the ACID MANTLE, not skin type. We do not use water in our formulations. WHY???

1. the chemical load needed to preserve it

2. the fact that water cannot be preserved by natural methods

3. water dilutes and cheapens products  

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Yes, we realize that the USDA allows water and salt in organic skincare products which is why we made the decision long ago NOT to carry the Organic Stamp.


We consider that a low bar that anyone can step over and it certainly does not represent the quality in our formulations. 


As we like to say, you can't ride two horses with one behind! 

Products can be organic or they can contain water, but they CANNOT be both! 

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All recipes are our own.

Tomboy is 100% woman-owned.—  Hann

What we do to our ecosystems, we do to ourselves. 

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